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You should be able to post art to it now
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Any thing Horror and Creepypasta is allowed!!!
Make sure to follow the rules!
and the only 4 rules are..........
1. No Art Thieves
2. No Hating
3. Please put on Mature warnings if needed
4. Have Fun XD
Founded 4 Years ago
Dec 20, 2013


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628 Members
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!ENDED! Draw my CP OC(s) contest! !ENDED!
Ok, so I am having a contest to see who can draw my oc(s) the best! 
You can draw:
Broken Lily (she has a scar on her eyelid, the orange one, it goes to her cheek)
Lily is very cheerful but will want to rip you in half if you make her sad or mad, she is one of Slenderman's proxies.

Hanged Sophie
Sophie is very shy but it can be very creepy when she is quiet, she isn't so shy when you are her friend.

First will win 300 points
Second will win 100 points
Third will with 50 points
NO sexual stuff.
Do NOT put them in a ship photo!
You have 3 weeks and 2 days (or less if I get lots of photos/or more if I don't get lots of photos)
(oh and please tell me if you have done it, or I won't know... and tell your
:iconmmd1lover1:MMD1lover1 6 26
Experiment Gone Wrong (C!A!Jeff x Reader)
Experiment Gone Wrong Chibi!Amnesiac! Jeff the killer x Reader
Slender sighed as he forced Jeff to sit on the couch. The annoyance and fatigue was now clear on his body language, making you cringe at the thought that he'll punish the kid. His tentacles was unleashed on his back and pregnant silence filled the atmosphere. "E.J. what's his initial status?" Slender said and Eyeless Jack stand up. "Jeffrey drank all the experimental liquid on my fridge. The first liquid was the Memory liquid, it was the grey one. The initial effect was losing the most memory for a month but those memories removed may comeback completely. The second one is the Transfiguration liquid, it will take the body back to the youngest state and will last for a year-"
"A YEAR?!"
Slender man shouted from across the room looking at the masked eyeless man. "Yes sir a year and he drank it all, it may cause a long-term effect like a year or two depends on how his body will fight it. The last one is the Chibi potion
:iconnatsuki-miaka-nagisa:natsuki-miaka-nagisa 3 0
June's Rage by JazzBerryTigerCandy June's Rage :iconjazzberrytigercandy:JazzBerryTigerCandy 40 7 I'm here Cousin . no more crying by Prodestiny I'm here Cousin . no more crying :iconprodestiny:Prodestiny 8 0 Ashen and( Tim )Masky : Look at You . by Prodestiny Ashen and( Tim )Masky : Look at You . :iconprodestiny:Prodestiny 9 3 BEN Drowned by xXAwokenNightmareXx BEN Drowned :iconxxawokennightmarexx:xXAwokenNightmareXx 6 0 Haunted Ghost Girl by MorganHudson92 Haunted Ghost Girl :iconmorganhudson92:MorganHudson92 7 18 Black Eyed Child by MorganHudson92 Black Eyed Child :iconmorganhudson92:MorganHudson92 5 0 Unknown Creature by MorganHudson92 Unknown Creature :iconmorganhudson92:MorganHudson92 5 0 Slender Man by MorganHudson92 Slender Man :iconmorganhudson92:MorganHudson92 20 2
I can't remember most of my childhood. When I was fourteen, I was sent to what my parents liked to call my "special school." All bullshit aside, it was a nuthouse. A mental institution that catered to teenagers. After all the drugs and treatment they gave me, I can't remember anything prior, including why my parents sent me there. Whenever I try to ask them, they change the subject. I learned to stop asking; after all, it can't have been a good experience for them. It makes me feel lucky that I can't remember.
One memory has stayed with me though. Oddly enough, it was a video I used to watch. I can't recall what it was about, only that it was hilarious, and it always cheered me up. It must not have been age appropriate, because I remember having to sneak out of my room while my parents were asleep to watch it. It had a weird title...something to do with eyes, I think. That's all I can remember, and because of my rather limited amount of information, I've never been able to find it.
A f
:iconsirenangelique:SirenAngelique 2 3
Editpasta Wiki by delainalivingston Editpasta Wiki :icondelainalivingston:delainalivingston 0 1
Messy Jessie-Creepypasta
Jess hid in the back of the quiet library between rows of books. She would have loved to just sit there and read them but now wasn't the time. When in hell is the bell going to ring? She thought impatiently. She had to get out of here before-
"I found you!" A voice exclaimed behind Jess, making her jump. Jess looked behind her to see Torii. Torii had a small frame with black silky hair that Jess envied. Jess wouldn't have minded Torii being here but after whats happened..."I've been looking all over for you. I should have know you'd be here."
Jess crouched ready to sprint. "Wheres Samantha?" Why was Torii here if Samantha wasn't? Her ex-friend usually followed Samantha around liked an abandoned puppy.
Torii smirked."I don't need her here to do this." She brought her foot forward, kicking Jess in the throat from her crouch. Jess rolled and held her throat. She couldn't stop shaking. "How'd that feel?" Torii stood above her.
Jess hid her grin. If she wanted to, she could have
:iconakasha-hitsugaya:Akasha-Hitsugaya 6 6
Jeff the Cute by KanashiiBara Jeff the Cute :iconkanashiibara:KanashiiBara 314 66









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